Sunday, 17 October 2010

Hyperion Planning Overview

Hyperion Planning

Planning is a web-based budgeting and planning solution that drives collaborative, event based, and operational planning processes through the organization for a wide range of financial and operational needs. Planners have the flexibility to adapt rapidly to changes in direction, ensuring that plans are always current, relevant, and functional.
Powered by Essbase, Planning uses a multidimensional data structure for flexible data collection and analysis. Planning also supports driver-based plans that are based on global assumptions, such as interest rates and headcount.
Planning has the following features:
  • Multidimensional data structure
  • Target setting and bottom-up planning
  • Iterative planning cycles
  • Complex business rules and allocations
  • Web-based data entry; management of the planning cycle
  • Currency conversion for multicurrency applications
  • Headcount and salary expense modeling (Workforce and CAPEX modules)
  • Metadata and data transfer between Planning applications and other Hyperion products

The different components of the product are:
  • Essbase: stores planning application data; planning runs on top of Essbase
  • Administration services: Interfaces to Essbase server, using Essbase Administration Services console, and enables to design, develop, maintain, and manage multiple Essbase applications and database
  • Performance Management Architect: to manage dimensions and applications
  • Workspace: allows to navigate and manage Planning applications
  • Calculation Manager: graphical user interface to create calculation scripts
  • Smart View: allows to enter Planning data in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, using the same functionality as Planning, and to take Planning data offline to work disconnected from the source
  • Financial Reporting: for the creation of reports and charts for Web or print
  • Shared services: enables the administrator to provision users from external systems to Hyperion products and to share data and metadata among Planning applications or between Planning and other Hyperion products
To learn more about this product refert to the official site of Oracle: Hyperion Planning

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